Professional Cyber Security Services

Sigma Cyber Security the value of data with a powerful yet simple cloud-scale analytics and intelligence platform that empowers business professionals and security teams to quickly explore, analyze, visualize, collaborate and share.

Our managed security services enable our clients to operate with peace of mind in the face of ever-changing threats, from penetration testing and scanning for malware, to monitoring occurrences of log events that signal critical changes in their IT infrastructure.

Beyond Threat Detection: Sigma’s Advanced Cyber Security Services

In a world where security analysts can feel overwhelmed by the volume of attacks they are facing, collaboration is key. That’s why the Sigma open source project was created to allow security operations centers (SOCs) to band together and level the playing field – by sharing detection rules to level their attack surface.

Sigma rules are a set of well-defined detection rules that allow for easy translation to any SIEM platform and environment. This means that when you adopt them into your centralized log management solution, you can immediately benefit from the community’s collective knowledge and experience.

As a community-driven initiative, it’s easy to write and contribute Sigma detections, and there are plenty of pre-made ones available for free. In addition, many of the existing rules are tagged with MITRE ATT&CK and Lockheed Martin Cyber Kill Chain, making it easy to use them for TTP-based threat actor attribution.

As a result, the Sigma detection engine is widely adopted in both the public and private sectors, and it’s also supported by many leading vendors in the industry. The ability to convert Sigma detections to usable query files in any SIEM enables you to leverage your investment even when you change vendor, as well as providing a consistent approach across all of your threat detection engines.

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