How to Get YouTube Monetized

Get YouTube Monetized  is an attainable goal for most creators. Monetization provides an opportunity to make money from video ads, brand deals, YouTube affiliate links and more. But the process is not without its pitfalls and hurdles.

YouTube Monetization Services

The first step is joining the YouTube Partner Program (YPP). To get access to monetization features such as ads, channel memberships and the merchandise shelf, you need to meet certain requirements. These include: Subscribers (1,000 attributed to your channel): Achieving a minimum of 1,000 subscribers shows that viewers have an interest in your content. Watch Hours (4,000 accumulated over the past 12 months): This metric shows that your audience enjoys and engages with your videos. Policies: You must demonstrate that you comply with all of YouTube’s monetization policies. Location: You must live in a country that supports the YouTube Partner Program. Two-Step Verification: YouTube requires two-step verification to help protect your account.

Once you’ve got your monetization settings set, you can begin to earn money. The amount you earn is based on how many ads you see and how much time you spend watching them. Keep in mind that the number of views doesn’t necessarily correlate to revenue earned, as advertisers may not be willing to place ads on your videos if they’re considered inappropriate for certain audiences or demographics.

For instance, excessive profanity can lead to your videos being flagged as explicit and demonetized. Also, sparking controversy and making false statements may not sit well with YouTube. Similarly, using your channel to promote a political agenda or creating videos that promote fake news could result in your videos being demonetized.

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