What Items Do You Accept and which are most in demand?

We accept:

  • Period Pads
  • Tampons with applicator
  • Tampons without applicator
  • Intimate wipes
  • Disposal bags
  • Packs of knickers

We mostly get asked for super and night period pads HOWEVER we still do get asked to a lesser extent for tampons and pads of other strengths

Intimate wipes, knickers and disposal bags are much needed in particular for our homeless friends

Do you accept opened packs/items not in their wrapping?

No we don’t.

  1. Whilst most products are fairly long lasting tampons do actually have a use by date. Using an out of date tampon can cause irritation and infection
  2. We need to know what we are giving out. Most manufacturers display this information on the packaging rather than on the individual item
  3. We believe that no one should have to accept a slightly tatty fluffy pad therefore Tricky Period do not distribute tatty fluffy stuff!

What about Menstrual Cups and reusable pads?

No we don’t accept donations of cups or reusable pads.

Whilst we totally recognise how good they are and wholeheartedly encourage anyone who is able to go for these more environmentally friendly and sometimes cheaper options – they’re just simply not suitable for the majority of the people we provide products to.

Most do not have reliable access to private bathrooms or guaranteed access to water. Many are living on the streets or in shared temporary accommodation where facilities are extremely poor. Many too have experienced emotional and physical trauma meaning that these products can be impossible or too daunting to use even with private space and access to water.

If you’re interested in donating supplies that are ethically produced and organic, then please do consider donating products such as Freda and Natracare

Where can I donate products?

Click here to see a list of all our current donation points https://trickyperiod.com/donation-points/

Where can I pick up my free products?

Click here to find out https://trickyperiod.com/pick-up-points/

Do I need to bring proof of income or ID when picking up products?

Absolutely NOT. Tricky Periods is a No Questions Asked initiative.

Who else do you supply products to?

Click here to find the list of groups, hostels and services that we regularly supply to.

Do you supply products to schools and colleges?


Until very recently the fantastic Red Box Project .http://www.redboxproject.org were doing this however as of Monday 20th January 2020, every state-funded school and college in England will be able to order free period products for their students!!

Click here for more information http://www.freeperiods.org.

However we recognise that periods are not just for term time and that those of school/college age may have no way of accessing products at weekends and in the holidays. Anyone of any age who requires period products can pick them up from the locations listed.

What else is Tricky Period aiming to achieve?

Tricky Period is about more than vitally getting period products to those who can’t afford or access them. To see what we, other campaigners and those experiencing period poverty think and to read more about what we aim to achieve click here. https://trickyperiod.com/2020/12/15/436/

You can also find more articles about us on our news page. http://trickyperiod.com/news/

Who are Streets Kitchen?

Click here https://www.streetskitchen.org/locations/london to find out more.

I really want to get involved! How do I go about it?

AMAZING!! We would love you to join our Tricky Family. Click here to find out more