Buy Microdose Mushrooms & Shrooms Online

Buy Microdose Mushrooms & Shrooms Online

The mushroom market is already booming in Colorado, where voters passed a measure legalizing the sale and cultivation of psilocybin mushrooms last year. But as sales expand in the state and around the world, unregulated guides and psychedelic educators are popping up like mushrooms in the woods—often on Facebook Marketplace, with listings for large tubs of fungus and private messaging services for interested psychonauts. Read more

Many of these sellers are small-time entrepreneurs who started their businesses to help people integrate or “process” their trips, but they’re often also doing it for the love of the drug and its potential effects, says Ryan. She began offering one-on-one guidance a few years ago after gaining some experience with psilocybin through her own careful use of the drug, and now guides dozens of trips for a fee in the hundreds of dollars.

How to Safely Buy Microdose Mushrooms & Shrooms Online

Depending on the strain, prices can vary significantly. For example, the more potent psilocybin in strains like Penis Envy can mean you’ll pay up to twice as much per gram of the drug.

Because of the sensitivity of some users to psychedelics and the lack of standardized procedures, Ryan says that people who use mushrooms should first make sure they’re working with someone they trust to guide them through the experience. Then, they should have a clear understanding of what to expect from their trip, and what to do if things don’t go as planned.

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