Akka is a women-led collective, providing support for women in Hackney.

Our March Shoebox Appeal is being run in conjunction with Tricky Period, an incredibly valuable women’s group whose primary aim is to support people affected by period poverty, which has been exacerbated by the pandemic.

This appeal, which is launching to coincide with International Women’s Day, sets out to help not just the homeless, but also families and young people facing financial hardship.

Many of those in need are forced to use toilet paper, newspaper and even leaves as a substitute to period products. Also, many have no choice other than to miss a meal to buy products, shoplift, skip work during their period or even leave products in too long risking serious health consequences.

How you can help
If you can, please donate a shoebox filled with items. You can also donate items without a shoebox.

What to donate
These are lists of things we are urgently looking for, and also what is unsuitable.

Period products and essential items:

  • Period pads
    We mostly get asked for super and night sanitary pads but we still do get asked to a lesser extent for tampons and pads of other strengths.
  • Tampons with or without an applicator. (tampons have a use-by date, out of date tampons can cause irritation and infection)
  • Intimate wipes, disposal bags and packs of knickers.

Other items:

  • Roll-on Deodorants
  • Shampoos and conditioner
  • Soaps
  • Makeup
  • Brushes etc
  • Non-perishable foods such as chocolate; biscuits, soft drinks

We really cannot accept anything that’s not in its original unopened packaging. We need to know what we are giving out. Most manufacturers display this information on the packaging rather than on the individual item.

What not to donate

  1. We don’t accept donations of menstrual cups or reusable pads.
    (However, if ethically produced and organic products are important to you, then please do consider donating products such as Freda and Natracare)
  2. No medicines of any kind (including vitamins and over the counter painkillers)
  3. No alcoholic drinks or foods or hand sanitiser. 
  4. No tools, knives, needles, corkscrews, razor blades.
  5. No perfumes or aerosols.
  6. No nuts or nut-based products.

Where can I donate?

Drop off your donations by the 26th March at:

Eastern Curve Garden
13 Dalston Lane, E8 3DF

Tuesday-Friday between 2-6 pm

Or by the 23rd March at:

Well Space Community
241 Well Street, E9 6RG

Tuesday between 4:30-6 pm

Or Sunday 14th and Sunday 21st at:

Outside Hackney Central Library
1 Reading Lane, E8 1GQ


If you would like to participate in assembling the shoe boxes please drop by Eastern Curve Garden 26th March between 2pm-6pm.

You can follow the theakkaproject on Instagram.