About Tricky Period

Tricky Period is a Period Poverty initiative developed by grassroots homelessness group Streets Kitchen.  In short we get period products from those more able to afford them to those who simply can’t afford and/or can’t access these essential items – those amongst us who are being forced to risk poor health, humiliation and at times arrest.

Tricky Period regularly supply products to a number of women’s shelters, refuges, mother and baby assessment units as well as directly to our friends on the streets via our Streets Kitchen tables, breakfast outreach and Showerbox London

Most recently we are excited to have partnered with LNER at Kings Cross Station by opening the first Tricky Period Pick Up Point at a train station in England: http://camdennewjournal.com/article/kings-cross-first-train-station-in-england-to-give-out-free-period-products

Alongside this we are uniquely working with an ever growing number of council libraries who are acting as Tricky Period product pick up points. We recognise libraries as being safe, non- judgemental community spaces where anyone no matter of their circumstances can freely walk in and use as many or as few of the services on offer as they wish, making libraries ideal collaborators for Tricky Period

We ensure that the process to receive products is simple, discreet and most importantly No Questions Asked . Click here for more details on how the process works: http://trickyperiod.com/faq

Tricky Period believe that no-one should have to choose between a sandwich and a period pad; between good and poor physical and mental health; between dignity and shame.